PCAT Practice Test

A PCAT Practice Test can Provide many Advantages to Candidates

The road to pharmacy school is notoriously difficult and competitive. In order to be considered for admittance, students must have completed all of the required undergraduate coursework and have taken the Pharmacy College Admission Test. These requirements are demanding by themselves, yet, prospective pharmacy students also need volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and related pharmacy experience. While not specifically required, these additional experiences are the means through which students stand out from the competition in a highly competitive application process. Though all of these requirements are daunting, the Pharmacy College Admission Test is often the largest cause of stress to students pursuing pharmacy school because of the weight it plays in the admission process and the in-depth amount of knowledge that it tests.

The Pharmacy College Admission Test, or PCAT, is a standardized exam that measures both the general academic qualifications and advanced scientific knowledge of prospective pharmacy students. It is a four hour exam consisting of 240 multiple choice questions that span five categories. These five categories test your quantitative ability, reading comprehension, verbal ability, chemical knowledge and biological knowledge. There is an additional writing section in which test-takers complete two essays on a given topic. It is a computer-based test that candidates are allowed four hours to complete. The sheer amount of material that the PCAT covers is overwhelming to students. It requires advanced academic knowledge and the ability to take the test well. The latter is just as much of a skill as the former.

What Materials can be used to Study for the PCAT?

There are many different means of studying for the PCAT, but many candidates find that using a PCAT practice test is an incredibly effective studying tactic. Even if a future pharmacy student has the academic knowledge to succeed with the PCAT, the test structure and pace is liable to throw some students. It is just as important to learn how to take the test as it is to learn the material on the test. A PCAT practice test will review the academic knowledge required for the test and acquaint students with the exam. A PCAT practice test will also familiarize those taking the test with the test structure, type of questions, and amount of time given for each section. Many students find they experience much less anxiety on the big test day once they are comfortable with the exam.

What are the Advantages of PCAT Practice Tests?

The fact that the PCAT is a standardized test is a distinct advantage. The creators of this test have to use similar questions with similar levels of material in order to determine how one candidate has done compared to another. It is because of this that standardized tests typically have similar test questions and formats. Once a candidate can understand what type of question they are seeing, it is much easier to spot what information that question is looking for. In short, the ability to take standardized tests well is a skill within itself. A PCAT practice test will familiarize prospective students with these different question types and allow them to more easily decipher the information the question is looking for.

Where are PCAT Practice Tests Available?

Practice tests are available online from many sources. When taken online, a PCAT practice test is a realistic representation of the actual computer-based test that is given on test day. Many practice tests offer timers, which help students to learn the appropriate amount of time to spend on each question. Spending too much time on each question means that the student will not finish the exam section in the allotted time. However, if a student rushes through the section for fear of running out of time it can lead to careless errors. These will both negatively impact the exam score.

A PCAT practice test also offers one more distinct advantage. Many of the tests offered online will give candidates a diagnostic score report at the end of the practice exam. This score report shows students where they scored well, but it also shows where they need improvement. This is immensely beneficial because it allows candidates to put the majority of their studying time into the areas that need the most help.

A PCAT practice test is a wonderful way for a prospective pharmacy student to prep for the exam. It enables students to determine the test style, learn time management, and analyze their own weaknesses and strengths. These benefits can make a vast impact on test day. Start taking a PCAT practice test today and determine if it is an advantageous study method for you.

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