Free PCAT Practice Tests can Lead to Success

Over two-thirds of U.S. pharmacy schools currently require students to complete the Pharmacy College Admissions Test before being considered for admittance. More commonly referred to as the PCAT, this exam tests reading comprehension, quantitative skills, verbal ability, advanced chemistry, and advanced biology. An additional essay portion of the exam tests writing ability. This four-hour exam consists of 24 questions and two essays. As one can imagine, for future pharmacy students the PCAT can be a daunting hurdle to pharmacy school that requires ample preparation. Students have to ensure they are well versed in the advanced knowledge the exam covers, but they also have to make certain that they are comfortable with the test format, the timing, and the question styles in order to succeed.

How to Prepare for the Exam

Preparation for the PCAT can be time consuming. Reviewing the material the exam covers takes a good deal of time because of the breadth of information it covers. This is in addition to learning the intricacies of the exam itself. For these reasons, it is important for students to make the most of their preparation. Students can increase the productivity of their study time by utilizing these effective study methods and strategies:

  • Create flashcards during courses relevant to the PCAT
  • Create study groups with other students
  • Use PCAT review books to study the test format and refresh prior knowledge
  • Look for PCAT review courses offered through local universities
  • Utilize a free PCAT practice test

Advantages of Practice Tests

Many students find that using a free PCAT practice test to be one of the most effective forms of studying. Practice tests will review all of the advanced knowledge that is required on the exam, and it will familiarize students with the exam format. It also enables students to practice within the time constraints of the actual PCAT exam. Many students habitually miscalculate the amount of time each question needs and find themselves either rushing at the end and not completing a section, or rushing from the beginning only to complete the section poorly. Practices tests online also have a distinct advantage. Often, they will also give a detailed diagnostic report that tells students where their weaknesses are on the exam. This invaluable tool allows students to spend more time studying on the subjects that need it the most.

Where to Find a Free PCAT Practice Test

PCAT Practice tests are widely available online. Kaplan, for example, is a reputable company that provides test preparation materials. They offer free accounts through their website and a free PCAT practice test. PCAT practice tests are an invaluable tool when studying for the PCAT. They allow students to learn to work within the time constraints, point out their weaknesses, review the material, and familiarize themselves with the test. When test day comes, students are less anxious and feel more prepared for the exam after taking a free practice PCAT test online. The exam is difficult, but preparation and study can make the exam manageable and allow students to succeed on the exam.